Data Protection Services

You realise you need to be comply with data protection legislation but you need some assistance. This typically extends well beyond GDPR, for
example, the PECR, DPA2018 and other legal and regulatory obligations.

For companies operating in other countries outside of the UK or EEA you may also face the challenges of compliance with other privacy and
protection laws.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Our Data Privacy and Protection Services untangles the jargon and delivers comprehensive insight, implementation and management services. Our
objective is to develop an environment of robust data privacy and security that delivers the compliance that suits your budget and risk appetite.

Achieving a Data Protection and Security framework doesn’t come instantly. Every organisation is different, and each will be at different stages of data
protection maturity. Time and resources are required and for many these are in short supply.

One restraining factor is budgeting. We realise that for many organisations the data protection legislation appears to be yet more unduly onerous
compliance exercise. Our belief is that approached from a positive business improvement perspective, it can have significant business benefits.

Our subscription service guides you through a methodical process that will help you to create and maintain a Data Protection stance that reduces risk
and creates clear competitive advantage.

Our Approach

We believe that by having a culture of data privacy and security, your organisation can demonstrate a real competitive advantage.

We don’t believe in “consultant speak” or pretending the subject is a “black art”. We prefer honesty and clarity.

To ensure your Data Protection readiness journey delivers on your objectives, we have developed a methodical and pragmatic framework
called AIM.

Our three stage self-guided process delivers a robust Data Protection environment that creates and maintains a strong Data Protection Readiness

The three key stages include:


Creating a baseline using our 21-stage assessment across your organisation this discovery phase enables you to have a clear view of current risks and gaps in your organisational Data Protection stance and creates the foundation for your project. We will help you identify the major risks to your organisation and “quick wins” to get you on track quickly.


This stage brings your organisation to certification or readiness standards. Prioritising actions based on your appetite to risk, your organisation will develop a “privacy by design” environment that puts you one step ahead.


Your business doesn’t stand still and neither will the regulatory environment you work in. Using a proactive ongoing development program, your business can ensure that your Data Protection framework remains compliant and responsive.

What our clients say

Don’t take our word for it. We work with many organisations, large and small and so we let their experience speak for itself:

Our Packages

We deliver a range of bespoke packages suitable for your circumstances and budget. Our most popular packages provide the level of assistance you
most likely require without large capital cost.

Data Protection “Essentials”

Built to reduce your risk, our most popular service provides valuable tools and guidance from a pro-active data protection consultant. The service

  • 21 Stage GAP Analysis Program – This comprehensive self-guided program, supported by us, provides a baseline to your Data Protection
    stance and a clear framework for your Data Protection. This is reviewed bi-annually while in contract.
  • 21 Stage Template Library with Unlimited Reviews – Over 200 templates, registers and checklists that provide the framework you will
    typically require to uphold your legal obligations. Customised policy creation are provided for a discount fee.
  • Meetings – Up to 4 annually, either remote or onsite (excluding expenses). These meetings can be used for discovery, training, reviews,
    DPIAs, board meetings etc.
  • Monthly Update – Packed full of essential information that is condensed and put into plain English so that you can make informed decisions within your business. Updates to templates and advice is also provided with white papers and guidance notes given.
  • Email advice “helpdesk” – up to 1 hour per month available for advice or guidance on any data protection issue you may experience. This has
    helped many brands avoid costly mistakes, save money, deliver positive outcomes and secure contracts that have mitigated significant risk.
  • Unlimited* Confidential Helpdesk for Employees – Provided to ensure that potential breaches or privacy concerns can be brought to the
    attention of the company rather than outside parties (e.g ICO)
  • Employee Training Webinars – Training is an essential component to uphold data protection and security. These short, fact filled on demand
    webinars ensure that staff are aware of their obligations and responsibilities. In addition to the 8 introduction sessions a new session
    is released twice a year. Each webinar includes a quiz and a certificate of completion.
  • Subject Access Request and Breach Assistance – Every business will receive a SAR or need to handle a breach at some point. We provide up
    to 2 hours assistance per annum so costly mistakes are avoided. 
  • Discounted Cyber Essentials with £25,000 of Cyber Insurance included. For just £300 you will guide you through Cyber Essentials. We
    even guarantee certification. Everything is included in this discounted cost including the certificate.
  • Discounted Consultancy. If you require on site audits, GAP analysis or want additional assistance we provide a heavily discounted rate for
    clients which saves £300 per day on the standard tariff.
  • Optional ISO27001. If you want to achieve ISO27001 at a fraction of the cost normally associated with certification we have the perfect solution. For just £175 per month we will also create your ISMS and provide you with everything you need to achieve ISO27001. This costs also includes annual audit and certification once you have paid the initial certification cost (£795+VAT)

Cost per month from just £450+VAT

DPO as a Service

Require a DPO? Our DPO briefing document (available on request) will help you establish your legal requirements. Some clients still choose to have a
voluntary DPO to demonstrate a robust culture of Data Protection.

Our risk based DPO service includes the following key responsibilities:

  • Inform and train: make your organisations aware of their data protection obligations and responsibilities;
  • Advise: provide organisations advice on data protection laws and in particular advice on data protection impact assessments, risk and
  • Monitor: monitor compliance with data protection laws and corresponding relevant company policies and procedures;
  • Co-operate and consult: with the ICO on relevant data privacy matters (e.g. complaint-handling, investigation etc.)
  • Become the Contact point for EU DPAs: on processing issues including prior consultation; and
  • Become the Contact point for “data subjects”: Individuals may contact DPO on all processing issues and exercise their GDPR rights.

The Service builds on the “Essential” offering and includes the following additional elements:

  • Named DPO – Registered and clearly visible in all regulatory registers and on your inward and outward facing policies and procedures
  • Email Contact Point – Using your domain for email we can manage or become the face of your Data Protection Team when dealing with SARs
    or Data Subject Rights Issues.
  • Additional Resource – Up to 1 hour per month (total 2 hours) included.
  • Discounted Consultancy – If you require on board meeting support we provide an additional discount which saves £300 per day on the standard tariff.

Additional Cost per month from just £150+VAT

Cyber Essentials

You have responsibility to safeguard your data and Cyber Essentials demonstrates your organisations commitment to cyber security compliance.

This government backed scheme that delivers a visible certification mark demonstrating your commitment to Data Security and distinguishes you
from your competitors.

As a Cyber Essentials Certifying Body, our affordable, IASME backed compliance packages can help your organisation eliminate most cyberattacks and deliver Cyber Essentials Certification.

Our affordable packages deliver a host of other benefits as well. 

  • Eliminate around 80% of Cyber Attacks
  • Qualify for more tenders and public sector contracts
  • £25,000 of Cyber Insurance included
  • IASME Gold Certification Partner so you get everything you need

In conjunction with our package above we include the following:

  • IASME backed Cyber Essentials Certification
  • Coordination with your IT Partner
  • Assessment Questionnaire and guidance with certification G’tee
  • Document Templates
  • Authorisation to use Cyber Essentials Mark
  • £20,000 Cyber Security Insurance Cover
For clients using our Essentials program the only additional cost is £300+VAT for certification per annum.

Bespoke Services

We understand that every business is different. That is why we also offer a bespoke service tailored to you. Some clients want to utilise our IT
knowledge to audit third party processors. Others just want a GAP Analysis.

Let us know and we will design something bespoke to your needs.

We also work with resellers and other organisations who want to offer or resell our services on a third party or white label basis. These are extremely
popular, especially with IT and Telecom MSPs and have demonstrated increased leads and sales for the event organiser or reseller.

“Guest speaker” and other speaking events are accepted on a chargeable basis.

Our Pricing

Data Protection /

GDPR Readiness Pack
£ 97
  • 21 Stage GAP Analysis Program
  • 150+ tried and tested Templates based on ISO27001 and Guidance
  • Monthly Update
  • Email advice “helpdesk”
  • Access to all Employee Training modules
  • Helpdesk - for queries
  • • Whistleblower helpdesk for employees


as a Service
£ 150
  • The Service builds on the “Essential” offering and includes the following additional elements:
  • Named DPO
  • Email Contact Point
  • Additional Resource

    Up to 1 hour per month
  • Discounted Consultancy

Data Protection

Cyber Essentials
£ 300
  • You want to demonstrate commitment to robust Cyber Security using experts to achieve compliance and underwritten by IASME. By following this process, we guarantee you will achieve Cyber Essentials Certification.
  • IASME backed Cyber Essentials Certification
  • Coordination with your IT Partner
  • Assessment Questionnaire and guidance with certification guarantee
  • Document Templates
  • Authorisation to use Cyber Essentials Mark
  • £20,000 Cyber Security Insurance Cover

Data Protection

£ 450
  • 21 Stage GAP Analysis Program
  • 21 Stage Template Library with Unlimited Reviews
  • Meetings – Up to 4 annually
  • Monthly Update
  • Email advice “helpdesk”
  • Unlimited* Confidential Helpdesk for Employees
  • Employee Training Webinars
  • Subject Access Request and Breach Assistance
  • Discounted Cyber Essentials

    £25,000 of Cyber Insurance included
  • Discounted Consultancy
  • Optional ISO27001