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Do you supply goods or services to people in the EU? Are you established outside of the EU? Then you likely need an EU Representative.

Our EU Rep service is simple, cost effective and professional. Based in the Republic of Ireland. Brings a host of other benefits to your organisation

EU Representatives

What are they?

The EU representative is someone established in the EU that acts as a point of contact between you and people within the EU. They also cooperate with EU Supervisory Authorities should you have an issue escalate to them or you have a breach. They handle emails and documents between parties but don’t provide advice or opinions.

Do I need one?

In a nutshell – Under Article 27 of the GDPR they act as contact points for Controllers and Processors. If you don’t have an “establishment” within the EU but you provide goods or services to people in the EU then the answer is yes. You also need an EU rep if you monitor behaviour of EU subjects. Some other caveats exist and we provide a free briefing and qualifying process if you sign to the free trial below

Why choose Fifth Square?

Do you want a friendly service that is based on extensive experience of Data Protection law and regulation? Our pragmatic, business focused, approach ensures you receive accurate information in plain English all wrapped up in a great value for money package. Our EU Rep is based in Ireland and we will soon be bringing translation services to the package.

3 easy steps to get Compliance


Sign up for our 60 day free trial



Complete our qualification and onboarding process



You now have a friendly EU Rep


Our Package

EU Representative Package Complete

£97 per Month

(plus VAT)

You want a total EU Rep service backed by friendly Data Protection experts.

Free Onboarding

we will qualify your need for an EU rep and ensure your company can use our service.**

Document Portal

To deal with all cases and transfer documents

Named EU Representative

Based in the Republic of Ireland you will have a named EU rep.

Direct point of contact for data subjects
Free .EU email

You can use our .eu email for all communication with EU data subjects

UK Representative free for all USA Companies
EU Rep Compliance Logo

Demonstrate your compliance online with our unique logo.

Guidance for Privacy Notices

We provide the text you need to add to your privacy statements

Documentation Templates

We provide the templates for the documentation you need to have to comply with Article 27

Document Store

We hold the documents required on your behalf

Unlimited Cooperation with the supervisory authorities
Unlimited communication forwarding and coordination with data subjects
Monthly data protection and security email

Stay informed with a email packed full of guidance and news

Email Helpdesk for queries

Stay informed with a email packed full of guidance and news


** Your need and qualification for our service will be established at the onboarding process. If our service is not suitable, we will cancel your agreement and you will have nothing to pay.

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