DPO as a Service


Require a DPO? Our DPO briefing document (available on request) will help you establish your legal requirements. Some clients still choose to have a
voluntary DPO to demonstrate a robust culture of Data Protection.

Our risk based DPO service includes the following key responsibilities:

  • Inform and train: make your organisations aware of their data protection obligations and responsibilities;
  • Advise: provide organisations advice on data protection laws and in particular advice on data protection impact assessments, risk and
  • Monitor: monitor compliance with data protection laws and corresponding relevant company policies and procedures;
  • Co-operate and consult: with the ICO on relevant data privacy matters (e.g. complaint-handling, investigation etc.)
  • Become the Contact point for EU DPAs: on processing issues including prior consultation; and
  • Become the Contact point for “data subjects”: Individuals may contact DPO on all processing issues and exercise their GDPR rights.

The Service builds on the “Essential” offering and includes the following additional elements:

  • Named DPO – Registered and clearly visible in all regulatory registers and on your inward and outward facing policies and procedures
  • Email Contact Point – Using your domain for email we can manage or become the face of your Data Protection Team when dealing with SARs
    or Data Subject Rights Issues.
  • Additional Resource – Up to 1 hour per month (total 2 hours) included.
  • Discounted Consultancy – If you require on board meeting support we provide an additional discount which saves £300 per day on the standard tariff.

Additional Cost per month from just £150+VAT